How to open an escape room?

If you are faced with the choice of launching an entertainment business, then opening an Escape Room is one of the best options. There are several ways to do it. But before discussing them, it is worth answering the question, weather it is profitable to open an Escape Room? We would like to dispel a few myths about this profitable business “with minimal investments at the start.” In reality, it is not entirely true.

If we talk about opening a new company, an Escape Room Franchise, it is worth noting that Escape Rooms is not that kind of business which is simply enough to build, and a crowd will line up before your doors. This is highly competitive market, in which there are already formed, well-pronounced leaders, and competing with them is not that simple.

In order for everything to work really well, you need to find your niche, determine your advantages over competitors that will allow you to stand out from the crowd, and offer the consumer something fresh that they have not tried before. No … Of course, you can crank out Escape Rooms for the most minimal cost, but in this case two things will happen:

1) After people will pass a “low-cost” and most likely a less interesting Escape Room, they definitely will not advise it to their acquaintances. And as we already know the word of mouth is an important element in the promotion of Escape Rooms.

2) You will damage the entire escape room market, because the person who paid money have not received the pleasure from the experience that he expected, and in the future he will consider other types of entertainment, other than Escape Room.

So, there are two ways to open an Escape Room:

1) Do it yourself. This option has its advantages. The main thing is that you reduce the cost of creating an Escape Room. But the reverse side of the coin awaits you. To create a truly high-quality product, you need to face a long list of difficulties and pitfalls, starting with writing the script for Escape Room and selecting the right premises, thinking through puzzles, creating unique equipment, brand building, setting up an advertising company, etc.

This option can be considered, if only you are willing to give 100% of your time and if you have spare funds to pay for your mistakes. It is not enough simply to launch an Escape Room, it will be necessary to promote your business and attract customers, create marketing strategies, and carry out marketing activities.

2) The second option is to buy an Escape Room franchise. This method saves your time, allows you to launch your business in the shortest period and gain profits as soon as possible. It will also help you avoid mistakes that have already been made for you. But not every company is able to offer favorable conditions for you. And you can expect so-called corporate restrictions, which may turn out to be not as you expected.

But in fact there is a 3rd way. It is a cooperation with us.


What do we offer

  • Ready scripts for launch in any location (already tested, with all the nuances revealed);
  • Escape rooms in two languages – Russian and English (see the advantages of the English version on our page);
  • Considering that our Escape Rooms in English include elements of training, it is relevant to open our Escape Rooms outside of Ukraine;
  • Assistance in developing new scenarios and puzzles;
  • A website with a booking system and a support service;
  • All marketing materials with corporate identity.

We are open for cooperation.

  • If you want to open new Escape Rooms under the “Quest Land” brand;
  • If you have fresh and interesting ideas;
  • If you are considering the purchase of an Escape Room franchise in Ukraine, as well as other countries.

All financial issues are discussed individually. We can offer flexible terms of cooperation, which will suit your individual case.