Gift Certificates

Escape Room is a breathtaking adventure, incredible variety of emotions and vivid impressions. Therefore, if you don’t know what to get a friend, a soul mate or a colleague, we offer to get a gift certificate for Escape Room. This is an unusual gift, which will be appreciated by everyone who enjoys new impressions, unique puzzles and bright emotions. The certificate for Escape Room is the best gift. By granting it, you give something that does not belong to the number of ordinary things and still remains with a person for a long time. Escape Room is an unforgettable experience from one of the most striking adventures in life.

Certificate conditions

By granting an Escape Room as a gift, you will create a truly unforgettable holiday. The holder of the certificate, as well as his team will receive lots of pleasant emotions, and our team will surely capture this in the photo so that the adventure will remain in memory even longer.

There are a number of conditions under which certificate operates.

  1. A certificate is valid for six months. This means that it is not necessary to spend the birthday itself in an Escape Room, the owner can visit it at any convenient time.
  2. A certificate applies to any Escape Room in Quest Land.
  3. You can get a certificate by courier or pick it up personally. Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer.

The cost depends on the language version of an Escape Room: Russian – 800 UAH., English – 1000 UAH. Delivery by courier means an additional fee of UAH 40.

You can order a gift certificate now in any way convenient for you: using the online form on our website or by phone.

Special features of our Escape Rooms

In Quest Land we came with a special care to create high-quality and bright Escape Rooms. Becoming a participant, you can get into an amazing bright world, recreated based on popular computer games. There are no standard charades and ordinary tasks. Receiving a gift certificate for an Escape Rooms, each of its owners can touch the world of high technology and exciting adventures. Computer holograms and robotics are one of the special features of our Escape Rooms.

In addition, for each Escape Room, we have several additions of the script, so you can choose the appropriate one: Russian version and English version. The latter is developed by native speakers. Therefore, if you want to create a great holiday for one of your polyglot acquaintances who want to improve their English, or a foreigner, Escape Room as a gift can be an excellent solution.

Important! Before buying, pay attention to the restrictions of age and number of participants.

Acquire a certificate for an Escape Room now and give your friends and family the brightest adventure ever!