Escape Room rules

1. What is an Escape Room?

Escape Room is an exciting adventure in the style of a computer game, where you and your friends become players and immerse into different reality. Logic and wits will help you to get out. You can ask operator for help if necessary.

2. Age of participants

Escape Room players must be over 16 years old. We have horror programs, which are forbidden to pregnant women, people with chronic heart diseases, psychologically fragile people.

3. Time

Depending on the complexity you are given 60 or 80 minutes to escape.

4. Operator help

You can ask operator for help at any time.

5. Do I need special training and knowledge of the game rules?

Escape Rooms do not require good physical conditioning, use of force, preliminary study of the rules. Logics and wits will be enough.

6. Stop the game

Escape Room can be stopped at any time by notifying the operator. Money in this case shall not be returned.

7. When to come to the game

You must come 10 minutes before the booking time. If the team is 5 minutes late, the time to complete the Escape Room can be reduced. The situation depends on the schedule for this day.


The following actions are forbidden:

  1. To use stabbing and cutting objects, damage props, equipment, furniture, clues, or any other property, use force. Escape room must remain in its original appearance.
  2. Make photos and record videos.
  3. Enter the Escape Room under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



If operator notices violation of the rules, the game will be stopped. Money in this case shall not be returned.

Before start of the game, phones, cameras, and other personal items remain in the locker, the key of which you take with you.

Please follow the recommendations and follow the rules. Then the game will be interesting.

We are waiting for you. We would be grateful for the feedback and confidentiality.